Academic Registrar's Desk

The department of the Academic Registrar is mandated to coordinate academic matters in the College namely: Admissions, Examinations, Coordinate Studies, Manage Academic Records of Students including transcripts and certificates, Organize Academic Ceremonies. The Academic Registrar’s department is the secretariat to the Academic Board.

The roles of the Office of the Academic Registrar revolve around the following sectors:

Students Admission Records

  • Processing of student admissions and provision of information to the general public, on programs available at the College.
  • Liaising with Academic Departments on matters concerning academics.
  • Registration of both first-year and continuing students on the College programs.
  • Generation and keeping records of current and former students of the College.

Examination and Academic Ceremonies

  • Organizing and coordination of all College Examinations.
  • Handling Examination Irregularities/Malpractices issues.
  • Organization and Coordination of graduation ceremonies.
  • Issuing Academic Transcripts and certificates.


The Academic Registrar also coordinates activities of the Convocation. This is an association of the graduates of the College and members of staff and such other persons as the Governing Council may authorize.